Guide to Scientific Editor Guide to Scientific Editor


Guides to Scientific Editor: 

       When you receive an email inviting you as a Scientific Editor (SE) to do initial review, you need to log in the JMS online manuscript system ( with your account information and enter the Scientific Editor Center. You are kindly requested to finish the initial review within 4 days.

       If you can't do the initial review timely, please send email to, then we can assign the manuscript to a different SE to do the initial review.

       If your recommendation is REJECT, please click the corresponding lists and then state concrete reasons to reject it. It is highly welcomed to give more detailed reasons why you recommend to reject the manuscript.

       If your recommendation is REVISION, an elaborate and workable revision suggestions are highly appreciated.
       If your recommendation is SENT OUT FOR PEER-REVIEW, it is highly appreciated to recommend two to three referees outside the first author' country.

       For how to do initial review, you can read the Guides to Scientific Editors in PPT and PDF  

Guide to Scientific Editor (SE).pdf

Guide to Scientific Editor (SE).ppt