Memeber: Yeong Bae SEONG Memeber: Yeong Bae SEONG


Memeber: Yeong Bae SEONG, Associate Professor


Department of Geography Education, College of Education, Korea University,Seoul, South Korea



2007: Ph D from University of Cincinnati, USA

2002: Master of Artsfrom Seoul National University, Korea

2000: Bachelor degree from Seoul National University, Korea

Work experience

Associate Professor: Sept. 2013 – present, Dept of Geography Education, Korea University

Assistant Professor: March 2009 – Aug. 2013, Dept of Geography Education, Korea University

Research Professor: Sept. 2007 – Aug. 2009, Dept of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Korea University

Research Interests

Glacial Geology, Cosmogenic Nuclides Dating, Tectonic Geomorphology, Landscape Evolution, Paleoclimate


The Best Research Award, 2013, New Paradigm on management of mountains, Korea Research Institute For Human Settlements, Korea.

Major Publications:

- Youn, J.H., Seong, Y.B.*, J.H. Choi, K. Abdrakhmatov, C. Ormukov. 2014. Loess deposits in the northern Kyrgyz Tien Shan: Implications for the paleoclimate reconstruction during the Late Quaternary. CATENA, 117, 81-93.

- Lee, S.Y., Seong, Y.B.*, Owen, L.A., Murari, M.K., Lim, H.S., Yoon, H.I., and Yoo, K.-C., 2014. Late Quaternary glaciation in the Nun-Kun massif, northwestern India. Boreas, 43(1), 67-89.

- Choi, K.H., Seong, Y.B.*, Jung, P.M., Lee, S.Y., 2012. Using cosmogenic 10Be dating to unravel the antiquity of a rocky shore platform on the west coast of Korea. Journal of Coastal Research, 28(3), 641-657.

- Lee, S.Y., Seong, Y.B.*, Shin, Y.-K., Choi, K.H., Kang, H.-C., Choi, J.-H., 2011. Cosmogenic 10Be and OSL dating of fluvial strath terraces along the Osip-Cheon river, Korea: tectonic implications. Geosciences Journal, 15(4), 359-378.

- Copland, L., Sylvestre, T., Bishop, M.P., Shroder, J.F., Seong, Y.B., Owen, L.A., Bush, A., Kamp, U., 2011. Expanded and recently increased glacier surging in the Karakoram. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 43(4), 503-516.

- Seong, Y.B.*, Kang, H.-C., Ree, J-H., Yi, C., Choi, J.-H., Lai, Z., Long, H., Yoon, H., 2011. Geomorphic constraints on active mountain growth by the lateral propagation of fault-related folding: A case study on Yumu Shan, NE Tibet. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 41(2), 184-194.

- Seong, Y.B.*, Kang, H.-C., Ree, J-H., Yi, C., Yoon, H., 2011. Constant slip rate during the late Quaternary along the Sulu He segment of the Altyn Tagh Fault near Changma, Gansu, China. Island Arc, 20, 94-106.

- Hedrick, K.A., Seong, Y.B.*, Owen, L.A., Caffee, L.A., Dietsch, C., 2011. Towards defining the transition in style and timing of Quaternary glaciation between the monsoon-influenced Greater Himalaya and the semi-arid Transhimalaya of Northern India. Quaternary International, 236(1-2), 21-33.

- Shroder, J.F., Owen, L.A., Seong, Y.B., Bishop, M.P., Bush, A., Caffee, M.W., Copland, L., Finkel, R.C., Kamp, U., 2011. The role of mass movements on landscape evolution in the Central Karakoram: discussion and speculation. Quaternary International, 236(1-2), 34-47.

- Bishop, M.P., Owen, L.A., Bush, A., Copeland, L., Finkel, R.C., Kamp, U., Seong, Y.B., Shroder, J.F, 2010. Climate Change and Mountain Topographic Evolution in the Central Karakoram, Pakistan. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 100(4), 1-22.

- Seong, Y.B.*., Owen, L.A., Copland, L., Bishop, M., Shroder, J.F., Bush, A., Kamp, U., Shroder, J.F., 2009. Rates of basin-wide rockwall retreat in the K2 region of the Central Karakoram defined by terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide 10Be. Geomorphology, 107(3-4), 254-262.

- Copland, L., Pope, S., Bishop, M., Shroder, J., Clendon, P., Bush, A., Kamp, U., Seong, Y.B., and Owen, L., 2009. Glacier velocities across the central Karakoram. Annals of Glaciology, 50(52), 41-49.

- Seong, Y.B.*, Owen, L., Finkel, R., and Yi, C. 2009. Quaternary glaciation of Muztag Ata and   Kongur Shan: evidence for glacier response to rapid climate changes throughout the    Lateglacial and Holocene in westernmost Tibet. Geological Society of America Bulletin121 (3/4), 348-365.

- Seong, Y.B.*, Owen, L.A., Lim, H.S., Yoon, H.I., Kim, Y.D., Lee, Y.I., and Caffee, M.W., 2009. Rate of Late Quaternary ice cap thinning on King George Island, South Shetland Islands, West Antarctica defined by cosmogenic 36Cl surface exposure dating. Boreas, 38(2), 207-213.

- Seong, Y.B.*, Kamp, U., Owen, L.A., Bishop, M., Bush, A., Copeland, L., Finkel, R.C.,, Shroder,    J.F., Weeks, P., 2009. Landforms and landscape evolution in the Skardu, Shigar and Braldu Valleys, Central Karakoram. Geomorphology, 103, 251-267.

- Seong, Y.B.*, Owen, L., Yi, C., Finkel, R., Schoenbohm, L. 2009. Geomorphology of anomalously high glaciated mountains at the northwestern end of Tibet: Muztag Ata and Kongur Shan. Geomorphology, 103, 227-250.

- Owen, L.A., Caffee,M., Finkel, R.Cand Seong, Y.B., 2008, Quaternary glaciation of the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen, Journal of Quaternary Science, 23 (6-7), 513-531.

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Editorial work

  • Member: National Committee on Korean GEO Park Network, March 2013 to present
  • Editorial Board Member: Advances in Geology
  • Guest Editor: Geosciences