Editor: Dr. WANG Yang Editor: Dr. WANG Yang

最小化 最大化

Editor: Dr. WANG Yang

Email: wangyang@imde.ac.cn

Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China



2013‐2016 Institute of Mountain hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Science, Geotechnical Engineering. PhD

2007‐2010 Northeast Petroleum University, Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering. Master

2003‐2007 Northeast Petroleum University, Environmental Engineering. Bachelor

Work experience:

2016‐now Editors of Journal of Mountain Science, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, China

2010 – 2013 Hydrogeology engineer, Heilongjiang 904 Environmental Geology Survey Institute

Major Publications:

Wang, Y., Cui, P., Wang, Z., & Liang, S. (2017) Threshold criterion for debris flow initiation in seasonal gullies. International Journal of Sediment Research.

Wang, Y., Cui, P., Wang, Z., & Liang, S. (2016) Study on the formation and characteristics of height of debris flow head. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. (In Chinese)

Liang ,S.Q., Su, L.J., & Wang, Y. (2016) Dynamic response characteristics of gravel soil slope with different angles of inclination. Journal of vibration and shock, 35(21):153-158. (In Chinese)

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Wu, J.C., Wang, Y., Qin, S.G. (2010) Prediction of the water intake capacity of injection wells at low permeability reservoir by successive step-back selection method. Journal of Qiqihar University 26(2): 60-63. (In Chinese)

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