Wang Yukuan Wang Yukuan

最小化 最大化

SE: Wang Yukuan


Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), CAS

Research Interests

—Soil erosion

—ecosystem services assessment


The specific areas where he can assist in reviewing or editing manuscripts


Major Publications

Wang Yu-kuan, Fu bin, Xu Pei, Validation of three infiltration models on purple soil under simulated rainfall, Progress in Natural Science, 2007, 17(9), p1059-1066

Deng Yulin, Wang Ykuan, Species diversity ant its effect on soil properties of Kobresia communities in plateau area of western Sichuan, Grassland Agriculture: Balanceing Production and Environmental Protection, Proceedings of the 2nd China-Japan-Korea Grassland Conference. ISTP

Wang Yukuan Wang Yongqiang, A Study on the Process Simulation of Soil Erosion by Rainfall on the Purple Soil slopes, Journal of Mountain Science, 2006, 24(5):597-600

Wang Yukuan, 2005, Sun Xuefeng, A discussion on concept definition and academic value of ecological defence. Journal of Mountain Research, Vol. 23. No. 4, pp431-436
Wang Yukuan, Deng Yulin, 2005, A Discussion on Function and Characteristics of Ecological Defence, Bulletin of Soil and Water Conservation, Vol. 25, No. 4, pp103-105

Wang Yukuan, Zhu bo, 2004,The Characteristics of Spatial Heterogeneity and Temporal Stability of Soil Moisture within Catchments, Vol. 22, No.1 pp116-120
Wang Yukuan, Zhou Peihua, 1992, Quantitative Research on the Distribution of Runoff and Sediment Generation in Small Watershed under Single Storm, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation