Volume 9 Number 4 Volume 9 Number 4

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Journal of Mountain Science (Bimonthly, Started in 2004)

            Volume 9 Number 4   August 2012     


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451-462 Rafael SÁNCHEZ, Carla MARCHANT, Axel BORSDORF

The Role of Chilean Mountain Areas in Time of Drought and Energy Crisis: New Pressures and Challenges for Vulnerable Ecosystems

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463-471 Chien-Yuan CHEN

Landslide and Basin Self-organized Criticality in the Lushan Hot Spring Area

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472-482 FENG Fang, LI Zhongqin, JIN Shuang, DONG Zhiwen, WANG Feiteng

Hydrochemical Characteristics and Solute Dynamics of Meltwater Runoff of Urumqi Glacier No.1, Eastern Tianshan, Northwest China

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483-491 XIE Changwe, ZHAO Lin, WU Tonghua, DONG Xicheng

Changes in the Thermal and Hydraulic Regime within the Active Layer in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

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492-500 Sudam Charan SAHU, Nabin Kumar DHAL, Brij LAL, Rama Chandra MOHANTY

Differences in Tree Species Diversity and Soil Nutrient Status in a Tropical Sacred Forest Ecosystem on Niyamgiri Hill Range, Eastern Ghats, India

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501-510 WANG Yuyi, TAN Rongzhi, HU Kaiheng, CHEN Feiyue, YANG Hongjuan, ZHANG Jinshan, LV Juan

Experimental Study on the Viscoelastic Behaviors of Debris Flow Slurry

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511-522 Parth Sarathi MAHAPATRA, Rajiv PANDEY, Sonali PRADHAN

River Rafting in Mountainous Regions of Uttarakhand: Impacts, Suggested Mitigation Measures and Sustainability

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523-528 WANG Yunsheng, LUO Yonghong, WANG Fuhai, WANG Dong, MA Xiao, LI Shun, DENG Xi

Slope Seismic Response Monitoring on the Aftershocks of the Wenchuan Earthquake in the Mianzhu Section

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529-537 LIU Jinfeng, NAKATANI Kana, MIZUYAMA Takahisa

Hazard Mitigation Planning for Debris flow Based on Numerical Simulation Using Kanako Simulator

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538-546 Behzod Gaybullaev, Su-Chin Chen, Yi-Ming Kuo

Large-Scale Desiccation of the Aral Seadue to Over-Exploitation after 1960

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547-557 Vikram S. NEGI, Rakesh K. MAIKHURI, Lakhpat S. RAWAT

Paradigm and Ecological Implication of Changing Agricultural Land-use: A Case Study from Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Central Himalaya, India

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558-569 WEI Yali, ZHOU Zhonghao, LIU Gangcai

Physico-Chemical Properties and Enzyme Activities of the Arable Soils in Lhasa, Tibet, China

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570-579 FU Bin, WANG Yukuan, XU Pei, YAN Kun

Assessment of the Performance of WEPP in Purple Soil Area with Simulated Rainfall Experiments

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580-588 Man S. RANA, Sakshi B. RANA, S. S. SAMANT

Extraction, Utilization Pattern and Prioritization of Fuel Resources for Conservation in Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, Northwestern Himalaya

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