Volume 3 Number 4 Volume 3 Number 4

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Volume 3 Number 4


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276-286 Jonathan Mitchley; Martin F.Price; Joseph Tzanopoulos

Integrated Futures for Europe's Mountain Regions: Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Human Livelihoods 

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287-304 Laura German

Moving beyond Component Research in Mountain Regions: Operationalizing Systems Integration at Farm and Landscape Scales   

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305-324 Andreas Neef ; Franz Heidhues; Karl Stahr; Pittaya Sruamsiri

Participatory and Integrated Research in Mountainous Regions of Thailand and Vietnam:Approaches and Lessons Learned    

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325-333 Ambika P.Gautam

Combining Geomatics and Conventional Methods for Monitoring Forest Conditions under Different Governance Arrangements     

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334-346 Robert E. Rhoades; Virginia Nazarea

Reconciling Local and Global Agendas in Sustainable Development: Participatory Research with Indigenous Andean Communities 

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347-354 Franz Heidhues; Karl Stahr; Uwe Jens Nagel; David Thomas;Andreas Neef

Lessons Learned and Future Challenges for Integrated and Participatory Approaches to Mountain Research——Conclusions from the Mountain Symposium and this Special Issue 

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