Territorial suitability assessmentand function zoning in the Jiuzhaigou earthquake-stricken area Territorial suitability assessmentand function zoning in the Jiuzhaigou earthquake-stricken area

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Vol16 No.1: 195-206

Title】Territorial suitability assessmentand function zoning in the Jiuzhaigou earthquake-stricken area

Author】YU Hui1,2; QIANG Miao1,2,3; LIU Shao-quan

Addresses】1 Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu 610041, China; 2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049,China; 3 Chengdu Pidu Disstrict Mianshi Foreign Language School, Chengdu 510124, China

Corresponding author】LIU Shao-quan

Citation】Yu H, Qiang M, Liu SQ (2019) Territorial suitability assessment and function zoning in the Jiuzhaigou earthquake-stricken area. Journal of Mountain Science 16(1). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11629-017-4741-0


Abstract】An earthquake in the Jiuzhaigou area caused numerous secondary disasters, such as rolling stones, land collapse, landslides and debris flow, which badly affected the safety of human settlements and influenced the spatial layout of the post-disaster reconstruction. Therefore, carrying out assessments of land and identifying a suitable zone for human habitats were very important. This research creates the territorial suitability assessment and function zoning conceptual model in the earthquake-stricken area, and the new methods of the territorial suitability evaluation system were used to divide the spatial functional zones of the earthquake stricken area, which provide a theoretical guidance and decision-making basis for the reconstruction of the disaster area. The results showed that: (1) The Jiuzhaigou earthquake-stricken area comprises of an ecological area that has a high level of importance to the ecosystem. In the earthquake-stricken area, 65% of national land is at an altitude of 3000-4000 m, and therefore not suitable for a high level of intensive reconstruction, but reconstructed in an eco-friendly manner. (2) The zone suitable for reconstruction comprises mainly of the river valley and the flat terrain of western parts. The land with low suitability is mainly located on steep terrain, such as high mountains and low gullies. The geographic and geomorphic conditions limit the spread of a suitable reconstruction zone. (3) The earthquake-stricken area mainly comprises of a tourism industry gathering area, population gathering area, agriculture and animal husbandry development area, and ecological preservation area with areas of 76 km2, 44 km2, 1591 km2 and 7512 km2, respectively. Scientifically zoning the reconstruction areas using scientific evaluation may provide guidance for the location of reconstruction sites.

Keywords】Jiuzhaigou valley; Earthquake-stricken area; Territorial suitability; Function zoning