Regional ecological security anddiagnosisof 0bstaclefactors in underdevelopedregions:acasestudy inYunnan Province,China Regional ecological security anddiagnosisof 0bstaclefactors in underdevelopedregions:acasestudy inYunnan Province,China

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Vol14 No.5: 870-884

Title】Regional ecological security anddiagnosisof 0bstaclefactors in underdevelopedregions:acasestudy inYunnan Province,China

Author】OUZhao-rong1,2; ZHUQing-ke1*; SUNYong-yu3*

Addresses】1 School of Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China; 2 School of Ecology Tourism, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224, China; 3 The Research Institute of Resources Insects of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (RIRI), Kunming 650224, China

Corresponding author】;

Citation】Ou ZR, Zhu QK, Sun YY (2017) Regional ecological security and diagnosis of 0bstacle factors in underdeveloped regions: a case study in Yunnan Province, China. Journal of Mountain Science 14(5). DOI: 10.1007/s11629-016-4199-5


Abstract】In order toclarify regional ecological security status and formation mechanism of regional ecological security barriers in underdeveloped regions ofChina,we took Yunnan province as a case to evaluate its regional ecological security by using entropy matter-element model,comprehensive index and GIS spatial method,and we diagnosed itsobstacle factors through obstacle degree model. We found a low overall level of regional ecological security in Yunnan. OnlyKunmingfell into the good level, 68% of the regions were below the critical safe level. For the vast majority of regions in Yunnan, their regional ecological security was unstable. The indexes related to per capita resources, geological and topographyenvironment, economic, and technologywere at the unsafe or dangerous level.The indexes related to urban expansion, level of income, cultivated land quality were at the level of critical safety. The indexes concerning urban management capacity, airqualityand waterenvironment wereat the good or ideallevel. Yunnan's regional ecological security was not good due to natural obstructive environment itself, simultaneously lower backward economic and social level restricted the ability of ecological security responsetomanageragileecologicalenvironment. The results of the composite index wereroughly consistent with those of the entropy weight matter-element model. The mean values of the classification index,from high to low, were: the state index>the response index>the pressure index. The state index and the response index had a significant mutual promotion to each other.The regions with good composite index, state index and response index mainly distributed in the central regions of Yunnan Province. Spatial autocorrelation of regional ecological security level in Yunnan was not obvious. Water resources, economic and social development were main obstacle factors of the regional ecological security.When distinguishing with obstacle type, Kunming belonged to natural ecological environment barrier type, while other regions belonged to economic and social barrier type.

Keywords】Regional ecological security;Pressure-state-response model; Entropy matter-element model;Comprehensive index method;Spatial heterogeneity;Obstacle factors