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Submission Guides

A detailed Guide to Authors is given in Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) homepage to guide you about the manuscript preparation, academic ethics issues and submission requirements. A Manuscript Template is also provided so that authors can follow it step by step. The authors are encouraged to print out the guidelines and follow the guidelines very carefully before submitting their paper.


Owing to the volume of manuscripts we receive, all submissions should be via the journal's online submission system (For Chinese users, you can use for possibly faster access). Using this system, authors can upload manuscript files (text, figures, videos) directly and can check the status of your manuscripts during the review process. Revised manuscripts should be uploaded via the link provided in the editor's decision letter. Revision should not be submitted as a new submission.

In order to submit a paper, you will have to register.


If you already have a Username/Password for the JMS Scholarone interface: Go to Login.

If you need a Username/Password: Go to Registration.


The review process also takes place online, using the same interface. Reviewers can login at any time and work on their assignments at their leisure. For more details, consult theGuidelines for reviewers.


Papers submitted to JMS must not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. (Exception: Papers previously published in a language other than English may be considered for publication in JMS.)


During the submission process, authors are asked to confirm that the results/data/figures/any significant part of the text in the manuscript have not been published elsewhere, including on the internet, and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. They are alerted to the fact that they must not submit their manuscript elsewhere once they have submitted it to JMS. If any part of the submitted material has been or will be published or submitted elsewhere prior to publication in JMS, the authors must point this out to the Editors. This also applies for material previously published or submitted in a language other than English. Should the Editors find out that significant parts of a paper submitted to JMS have been published elsewhere prior to publication in JMS, even though the author confirmed that this is not the case, the paper will be rejected.

In order to help authors to submit online smoothly, we prepare a Submission Guide to Authors in PPT and PDF file formats. 

Submission Guide to Authors       PDF

Submission Guide to Authors       PPT