Ms. Lisa Fan from Springer Beijing Office visited JMS editorial office Ms. Lisa Fan from Springer Beijing Office visited JMS editorial office

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Ms. Lisa Fan from Springer Beijing Office visited JMS editorial office

On the afternoon of 22 April 2015, Lisa FAN, the Senior Editor from Earth Science & Geography Springer Beijing Office, visited the editorial office of JMS. Professor CUI Peng, the Editor in Chief of JMS, and the other editorial staffs held an exchange with Ms Fan. 

As the biggest scientific and technical publishing company in the world, Springer is responsible for the distribution of the JMS to the international readers.

Ms Fan made full preparation for this exchange. She introduced the diverse services and tools that Springer can provide to the journals and to the readers, then she introduced the publishing situation of the JMS and analyze the change trends of reader population, fulltext downloads, and the top downloads in the latest year. She then gave some suggestions on how to raise the journal's international profile and how to decide the key report subjects and how to solicit good papers. She pointed out that in the last several years, JMS has attracted great attention from the international readers and the fulltext downloads keep rapid increasing. However, compared with top journals in Geosciences, we still have a long way to go. Ms Fan said that she would take further steps to widen JMS's exposure to international readers.

Professor CUI Peng spoke highly of the efforts Springer had made in promoting JMS in the global platform. Focusing on raising academic impact internationally, he gave several suggestions to Springer and the JMS editorial staffs. He hopes that Springer can provide more successful experience from other top journals to us, and hopes the editors do more work to invite more excellent European and North American scientists to join in the editorial board, and organize more high quality papers in these regions to enlarge the journal's international influence. The topics in each issue, in his opinion, should be more focused and targeted at the key issues and hot spots in mountain science fields.