Editorial member Prof. Mirza Barjees BAIG visits IMHE Editorial member Prof. Mirza Barjees BAIG visits IMHE

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Editorial member Prof. Mirza Barjees BAIG visits IMHE

      At the invitation of Prof. QIU Dunlian, the executive Editor in Chief of the Journal of Mountain Science (JMS), Prof. Mirza Barjees BAIG and his wife Mrs. Rubina BAIG visited the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), Chinese Academy of Sciences on October 27.

      Prof. Baig is the editorial member of the JMS. He was born in Pakistan, obtained his Ph. D in the USA, is a Canadian, but now lives in Saudi Arabia and works in Saud King University (SKU). His wife is a freelance writer.  They came to Chengdu to attend an International conference.

      In IMHE, Prof. Baig made two presentations, one is about the introduction of his university and another is about the energy and environment in Saudi Arabia. He introduced the history, disciplines and majors of the SKU, especially those subjects closely related to environmental sciences. He stressed the university's initiatives for attracting international scientists to work or do cooperative research in the SKU. SKU is the largest and oldest university in Saudi Arabia.

      Mrs. Rubina BAIG is a freelance writer and education missionary. She was born and grown up in Pakistan. Rubina made a presentation about the social and economic situations, agricultural production, environmental issues especially the rapid forest coverage loss, and the important roles that women play in agricultural production in Azad Jummar Kashmir, Pakistan. 

      Prof. QIU made a presentation to introduce the research departments and major research work in the IMHE.

From left to right: Prof. Mirza Barjees BAIG; Mrs. Rubina BAIG; Prof. QIU Dunlian

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