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2022-07-22 Notice for 2022 JMS Summer Vacation 

2022-01-26 NoticeWinter holiday for the 2022 Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

2021-12-03 Promotion of Journal of Mountain Science by its three scientific editors in the 3rd Badong International Geohazards Symposium (BIGS2021) in November 2021

2021-11-11 Deadline extension on MS submission to special issue of "Disaster Risk Reduction in Mountain areas"

2021-10-27 EEIC in JMS delivered a talk to students in University of Granada, Spain

2021-07-29 2021 Summer Vacation Notice

2021-07-06 国际山地英文刊Journal of Mountain Science最新影响因子2.071

2021-05-26 Special issue on "Management of degraded watersheds in mountain areas"

2021-05-13 Congratulations! Journal of Mountain Science was recognized for editorial excellence in Spring Nature journals!

2021-03-08 Special issue of the Journal of Mountain Science on "Disaster Risk Reduction in Mountain areas"

2021-02-05 Notice:Winter holiday for the 2021 Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

2020-11-06 严正声明 Official Statement of Journal of Mountain Science Editorial Office

2020-09-30 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Notice

2020-09-01 Call for paper on a special column "Ecological assets and ecosystem services in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau"

2020-07-30 2020 Summer Vacation Notice

2020-01-20  Notice:Winter holiday for the 2020 Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

2019-07-25 2019 Summer Vacation Notice

2019-04-19 Call for contribution for SiDRR conference special issue to JMS

2019-02-14 Notice: About Scholarone System update caused problem

2019-01-28  Notice:Winter holiday for the 2019 Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

2018-07-26  2018 Summer Vacation Notice

2018-02-06  NoticeWinter holiday for the 2018 Traditional Chinese Spring Festival


2017-11-09   1st Session of Outstanding Board Member and Scientific Editor Award in Journal of Mountain Science

2017-07-10   Notice on 2017 Summer Vacation

2017-01-22   NoticeWinter holiday for the 2017 Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

2016-05-26   New publication recommendation in JMS Vol.13 No.6

2016-04-22   JMS Editors held scientific writing workshop in Southwest University

2016-03-22   Prof. Nigel Wright Visits the Editorial Office of Journal of Mountain Science

2016-01-28   Notice:Vacation for the 2016 Chinese Spring Festival

2015-12-03   Notice: Journal of Mountain Science will be published monthly from 2016

2015-11-27   I International Conference on Research for Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions

2015-10-27   Editorial member Prof. Mirza Barjees BAIG visits IMHE

2015-10-26   Notice about the restoration of website visit of the Journal 

2015-10-08  JMS Editor and Scientists had a Face to Face Communication in Perth III Mountain Our Future Earth conference 

2015-07-20  JMS Editors held scientific writing workshops in Xining, China

2015-06-27  JMS Editor Attended the 6th International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction and Assessment (DFHM6) held in Japan

2015-05-12  Journal Promotion at the 4th International Symposium on Mega-earthquake Induced Geodisasters and Long Term Effects held in Chengdu University of Technology

2015-05-08   Editorial Member Prof. Kenneth HEWITT visited IMHE

2015-04-22   Ms. Lisa Fan from Springer Beijing Office visited JMS editorial office 

2015-04-18  JMS Editors Attended 2015 European Geography Union and Made Journal Promotion

2015-04-13   3rd International Conference on Mountain Environment and Development(1st Circular )

2015-03-29   JMS Editors held a scientific writing workshop at the Chengdu University of Technology (CDUT) 

2015-02-12   Notice:Vacation for the 2015 Chinese Spring Festival

2014-10-23   Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) Editorial Board Workshop was Held in Chengdu

2014-07-15   Journal of Mountain Science Editors Participated in the Forum Regarding How to Improve the

                      Contribution of Academic Journals to the Sci & Tech Innovation in China

2014-07-12   JMS Editorial Member Samjwal Ratna Bajracharya was nominated for Prabal Jansewashree Award

2014-06-27   JMS Editors Attended the Symposium on How to Raise Academic Journals' International Profile Held in 

                     Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, China

2014-05-13   JMS Editorial staffs and Members Attending the International Symposium on

                      Mountain Economy Held in Guiyang, China

2014-01-27    Notice:Vacation for the 2014 Chinese Spring Festival

2013-07-15    New publication recommendation in JMS Vol.10 No 4

2012-11-18    JMS Editorial Team Workshop was held in Chengdu

2012-11-17    Prof. Iain Taylor visited IHME and held a scientific writing and editing workshop

2012-07-01    Journal of Mountain Science has reached an impact factor of 1.000                             

2011-08-29    Journal of Mountain Science Online Manuscript System is formally put into use