Associate Editors in Chief: Iain Taylor Associate Editors in Chief: Iain Taylor

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   Associate Editor in Chief: Iain Taylor, Professor emeritus


   Botanical Garden, University of British Columbia, Canada


Research Interest

General plant biology; Publishing ethics; Ethical issues arising from scientific discoveries.

Specific areas where he can assist in reviewing or editing manuscripts

Plant physiology; Botanical garden; English language editing of manuscripts by second language English authors


Work experience

Dr. Iain Taylor is a Professor Emeritus of Botany at UBC and the Project Director of the UBC Botanical Gardens. Throughout his career he has been involved in scientific publishing first with the Canadian Journal of Botany and with the journal Cellulose. From 1991-2006, he served as Assistant Editor-in-chief of the NRC of Canada Research Press. In 1996 his research moved from plant physiology and biophysics to ethical issues in science. He is an Associate Member of the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics and his current research interests include professionalism, scholarly publishing and ethical issues arising from new discoveries such as genetically engineered organisms. He currently edits the UBC Botanical Garden Journal, Davidsonia, and serves of the editorial boards of Canadian Pharmacists’ Journal and the BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management. He is a former organizer of the Council of Science Editors Short Course for Journal Editors. Iain teaches and lectures widely on best practices for editorial processes and is founder of the UBC editors network.

Major Publications

Mitchell, A.D., and Taylor, I.E.P. "Cell wall proteins of Aspergillus niger and  Chaetomium globosum".  Journal of General Microbiology 59, 103-109 (1969).

Taylor, I.E.P. and Cameron, D.S. "Preparation and quantitative analysis of fungal cell walls: strategy and tactics".  Annual Review of Microbiology 27, 243-259 (1973).

Mansfield, D.H., Webb, G., Clark, D.G., and Taylor, I.E.P. "Partial purification and some properties of a cholinesterase from bush bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) roots".  Biochemical Journal 175, 769-777  (1978).

Tepfer, M., and Taylor, I.E.P. "The permeability of plant cell walls as measured by gel filtration chromatography".  Science 213, 761-763 (1981).

MacKay, A.L., Bloom, M., Tepfer, M., and Taylor, I.E.P. "A broadline proton magnetic resonance study of cellulose, pectin and bean cell walls".  Biopolymers 21, 1521-1534 (1982)

Taylor, I.E.P. and Atkins, E.D.T.  X ray diffraction studies on the xyloglucan from tamarind (Tamarindus indica) seed.  FEBS Letters 181, 300-302 (1985)

Mackay, A.L., Tepfer, M., Taylor, I.E.P. and Volke, F.  Proton NMR moment and relaxation study of cellulose morphology.  Macromolecules 18, 1124-1129 (1985)

MacKay, A.L., Wallace, J.C., Sasaki, K. and Taylor, I.E.P.  Investigation of the physical structure of the primary plant cell wall by proton magnetic resonance.  Biochemistry 27, 1467-1473 (1988)