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SE: Prof. Francesco FIORILLO

Dep. of ScienceandTechnology-University of Sannio,Italy




1988, graduated with honours in Geological sciences.

1990-1994, scholarship  and  researcher  at  National  Council  of Research (CNR), Bari.

-1997, researcher  at  Italian  National  Institute  for  Occupational Safety and Prevention (ISPESL), Rome.

-1999, PhD at     University of Molise, thesis regarding slope instability.

Work experience

2000-2011, researcher at University of Sannio;

-2011→now, associate professor at University of Sannio.

Laboratory and in situ rocks and soils testing, slope instability (triggering factors, mapping, etc.) and hydrological analyses focused on landslide activation, aquifer recharge and droughts, are the main researches carried out.

During 2001 and 2005, he was Visiting researcher at the U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, working on hydrological topics and landslide triggering mechanisms.

He  is  referee  of  several  ISI  journals  and  for UNESCO (World Cultural and Natural Heritage nominations).

Since 2000 he gives some courses in the Engineering geology field atUniversity of Sannio.

During recent years researches have been focused on karst hydrology and hydrogeology.  In these fields, analyses of time series, drought, and hydraulic behaviours of karst aquifers have been the main topics studied.

He is selected member of the Karst Commission of the IAH (InternationalAssociation of Hydrogeologists).

Many professional consultancies have been carried out, especially on behalf of Justice as expert.

Research Interest

Karst hydrology

Hydrogeology of karst systems

Landslide hazard

Rainfall induced landslides

Major Publications

Fiorillo F.&Guadagno F.M.,Aquino S.&Blasi A.(2001)-The December1999 Cervinaral and slides:further debris flows in the pyroclastic deposits of Campania(southernItaly).Bull. Eng. Geol.Env., 60:171-184.

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