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Editor in Chief: Prof. CUI Peng


Instituteof Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS,China


1990: Ph D in Water and Soil Conservation (Environmental Science) at Beijing Forestry University

1985: Master in Physical Geography at Chengdu Institute of Geography, CAS

1982: Bachelor degree, Physical Geography at Northwest University

Work experience

1985-present: Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS

1994-10 to 1995-10: visiting scholar at Department of Geography, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

1995-10 to 1997-02: Royal Society research fellow at Department of Geography, King’s College London, University of London, UK

 Research interest

specializes in debris flow and landslide mitigation and control, water and soil conservation


2010: The Distinguished Researcher Award of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) for 2010

2009: Second Class of National Award for Science and Technology Progress for research achievement on the theory and key technology of debris flow mitigation along highways and railways in Western China (project chief)

2008: Medal award of Sichuan Government for outstanding contributor during Wenchuan earthquake disaster reduction in 2008

2006: awarded First Class (China) Sichuan Province Sci-tech Progress Prize with the research on “the Theory and Techniques of Debris Flow Prevention in Mountain Roads"

2004: be selected into the national level of "National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project (2004)"

2003: awarded the First Class (China) Sichuan Province Sci-tech Progress Prize with the research on comprehensive debris flow control in the World Natural Heritage Jiuzhaigou Gully"

2000: be supported financially by the National Science Fund for Distinguish Scholars

1999: academic leader of the science and technique in Sichuan Province, China

1997: be selected into "Hundred Talent Project of CAS"

1991: awarded Outstanding PhD in China (medal) by the Chinese State Academic Degree Council and National Education Council

Major publications

CUI Peng  (1992) Study on conditions and mechanisms of debris flow initiaton by means of experiment . Chinese Science Bulletin 37(9):759-763.

CUI Peng,  LIN Yong-ming, CHEN Can  (2012) Destruction of vegetation due to geo-hazards and its environmental impacts in the Wenchuan earthquake areas. Ecological Engineering 44:61-69.

CUI Peng, DANG Chao, ZHUANG Jian-qi , et al (2012) Landslide-dammed lake at Tangjiashan, Sichuan province, China (triggered by the Wenchuan Earthquake, May 12, 2008): risk assessment, mitigation strategy, and lessons learned. Environ Earth Sci 65:1055–1065.

CUI Peng, HE Si-ming, CHEN Xiao-qing, YAO Lin-kan, WANG Zhao-yin, et al. (2011) Formation Mechanisms and Risk Control for Mountain Hazards in Wenchuan Earthquake Affected Area. Beijing, Science Press, 2011 (in Chinese)

CUI Peng and ZHU Xing-hua (2011) Surge Generation in Reservoirs by Landslides Triggered by the Wenchuan Earthquake. Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami 5(5): 461–474.

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CUI Peng, ZHU Ying-yan, HAN Yong-shun, et al. (2009) The 12 May Wenchuan earthquake-induced landslide lakes:distribution and preliminary risk evaluation. Landslides  6(3):209-223.

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CUI Peng,CHEN Xiaoqing,LIU Suqing,et al. (2007) Techniques of debris flow prevention in national parks.Earth Science Frontiers 14(6): 172-180.

CUI Peng, LIU Suqing, TANG Bangxing ,et al.Debris flow prevention pattern in national parks-Taking the world natural heritage Jiuzhaigou as an example.Science in China Ser.E Technology Sciences. 2003,46(Supp):1-11.

CUI Peng, GE Yonggang, LIU Yongming (2011) Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Effects in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region, China. Journal of Resources and Ecology 2(4):289-297.

CUI Peng, HAN Yongshun, DANG Chao and CHEN Xiaoqing (2011)  Formation and Treatment of Landslide Dams Emplaced During the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, Sichuan, China. Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences 133( Natural and Artificial Rockslide Dams): 295-321

CUI Peng, ZHU Yanying, Chen J., et al. (2007) Relationships between Antecedent Rainfall and Debris Flows in Jiangjia Ravine, China. In: Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment, Chengdu, China, 2007.Millpress, 3-10.

CUI Peng, CHEN Xiaoqing ,  WANG Yuyi, et al. (2005) Jiangjia Ravine debris flows in south-western China. In: Matthias Jakob, Oldrich Hungr.(eds.) Debris-flow Hazards and Related Phenomena. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. pp 565-594.

CUI Peng, HE Yiping, CHENG Jie, et al. (2004) Debris-flow transportation and its effects on fluvial process. In: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on River Sedimentation. Yichang, China, October 18-21.pp 440-452.


Editorial work

Guest editor of Environmental Earth Sciences, Volume 65 Number 4,2012

One of Guest editors of Journal of Sichuan University (Engineering Science edition), Volume 41 Number 3,2009 and Volume 42 Number 5,2010

Chief editor: Soil Erosion and Ecological Security in China(Volume of Upper Reaches Yangtze and Other Major Rivers in Southwestern China ), Beijing, Science Press, 2010 (in Chinese)

Guest editor of Science in China Ser.E Technology Sciences. Volume 46(Supp),2003.


The state expert for geo-hazard emergency mitigation,Ministry of Land and Resources

Chief Editor of the journal, Journal of Mountain Science

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal, Landslides

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal, International Journal of Sediment Research

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal, Frontiers of Earth Science in China

Vice president of Geographical Society of China

Standing Member of Chinese Society of Water and Soil Conservation, Head of the Debris Flow and Landslide Branch.

Board member of International Consortium on Landslides

Standing Member of China Society on Tibetan Plateau


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