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Manuscript ID Manuscript Title   Submitting Author
13-2751.R2 Temporal Change of Runoff and Sediment Load and their Differential Response to Human Activities for a Well-vegetated Mountain Watershed of Southern China   Zheng, Mingguo
13-2725.R5 Temporal variations in carbon stock of Pinus roxburghii sergant forests of Himachal Pradesh, India   Kumar, Munesh
13-2857.R1 Dark Touristic Perception: Motivation, Experience and Benefits Interpreted from the Visit to Seismic Memorial Sites in Sichuan   Tang, Yong
13-2804.R2 Fine root distribution pattern of different aged Leucaena leucocephala in debris flow source area in Jiangjia Gully, China   wang, dao jie
13-2790.R1 Effect of lithology and structure on seismic response of steep slope in a shaking table test   Xu, Qiang
13-2793.R2 Vegetation geo-climatic zonation in the Rocky Mountains, northern Utah, USA   Kusbach, Antonín 
13-2806.R2 Debris flows risk analysis and direct loss estimation: the case study of Valtellina di Tirano, Italy   Blahut, J
13-2821.R1 Biodiversity and Invasibility: Distribution Patterns of Invasive Alien Plant Species in the Himalayas, Nepal   Bhattarai, Khem
13-2835.R2 Retrieving multi-scale climatic variations from high dimensional time-series MODIS green vegetation cover in a tropical/subtropical mountainous island   Chang, Chung-Te
13-2703.R2 Higher species diversity occurs in more fertile habitats without fertilizer disturbance in an alpine natural grassland community   Wu, Gao-Lin 
13-2707.R2 Uptake and Recovery of Soil Nitrogen by Bryophytes and Vascular Plants between two Manipulated Growing Season lengths in an Alpine Meadow   Wang, Jinniu
13-2674.R3 Elevation, Slope Aspect and Integrated Nutrient Management effects on Crop Productivity and Soil Quality in North-West Himalayas, India   Ghosh, Birendra
13-2738.R2 Standards of Ecological Compensation for Traditional Eco-agriculture: Taking Rice-Fish System in Hani Terrace as an Example   Liu, Moucheng
12-2613.R2 Mapping daily temperature and precipitation in the Qilian Mountains of northwest China   Zhao, chuanyan
13-2684.R3 Stainability of Transhumance Grazing Systems under Socio-economic Threats in Langtang, Nepal   Aryal, Suman
13-2755.R1 Digital Identification of Ecosystem Structure in  the Fırtına Valley of the Kaçkar Mountains in the Rize City of Turkey   Karacaoglu, Cagasan
13-2761.R3 Simulating the Saturation Threshold of a Water Environment’s Response to Tourist Activities: A Case Study in the Liupan Mountain Eco-tourism Area   Zhao, Meifeng
13-2645.R3 Soil Organic Carbon Stock as Affected by Land Use Changes in the Humid Region of Northern Iran   Falahatkar, Samereh
13-2816.R1 Distributed Fiber Optic Monitoring and Stability Analysis of a Model Slope under Surcharge Loading   Zhu, Hong-Hu
12-2619.R2 Responses of Carbon Isotope Ratios of C3 Herbaceous Plants to Humidity Index in Arid and Humid Climatic Regions in Northern China   liu, xianzhao
12-2600.R3 The interaction between human uses of forest resources and forest and individual tree productivity: Case Study of Yunnan pine in SW China   Hinckley, Tom
12-2629.R3 Large scale Mass movements triggered by the Kashmir Earthquake 2005, Pakistan   Basharat, Muhammad
13-2661.R2 The effect of grain size on the viscosity and yield stress of fine-grained sediments   Jeong, Sueng Won
13-2786.R1 Rapid susceptibility mapping of co-seismic landslides triggered by 2013 Lushan earthquake in southwest China, using the logistic regression model of 2008 Wenchuan earthquake   Li, Weile
13-2698.R5 A transition from wood fuel to LPG and its impact on energy conservation and health in the Central Himalayas, India   Nautiyal, Sunil
12-2576.R2 A generalized limit equilibrium method for the solution of active earth pressure on a retaining wall   He, Siming
13-2704.R3 Airborne fungal spores of subalpine zone of the Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains (Poland)   Pusz, Wojciech
13-2714.R3 Evidence for accelerating glacier ice loss in the Takht’ e Solaiman Mountains of Iran from 1955 to 2010   Karimi, Neamat