SE: Zhu Bo SE: Zhu Bo

最小化 最大化

SE: Zhu Bo


Instituteof MountainHazards and Environment, CAS                               


Research Interests

—Soil Science

— Non-point source pollution

— Nutrient cycling

The specific areas where he can assist in reviewing or editing manuscripts

—Soil and Environmental science

—Non-point source pollution

—Nutrient cycling

—C, N, P biogeochemistry, Eco-hydrology

Major Publications

Publications: more than 260 peer reviewed academic articles have been published. Some representative articles are listed in the following.

1.Zhu B., Wang T., You X., et al. Nutrient Release from Weathering of Purplish Rocks in the Sichuan Basin, China. Pedosphere, 2008, 18(2): 257-264.

2.Zhu B., Wang T. et al., Measurements of nitrate leaching from a hillslope cropland in the Central Sichuan Basin, China. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 2009,73(4):1419-1426.

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4.Gao Y, Zhu B (Corresponding Author), Zhou P. Effects of Surface Cover on Phosphorus Loss from a Hillslope Cropland of Purple Soil under Simulated Rainfall: a case study in China. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 2009, 85:263-273.

5.Deng J., Zhou Z., Zhu B. (Corresponding Author), Zheng X, Li C, Wang X, Jian Z. Modeling nitrogen loading in a small watershed in southwest China using a DNDC model with hydrological enhancements. Biogeosciences, 2011, 8: 2999-3009.

6.Zhu B. (Corresponding Author), Wang Z., Zhang X. Phosphorus fractions and release potential of ditch sediments from different land uses in a small catchment of the upper Yangtze River. J Soils Sediments, 2012, 12:278–290.

7.Zhou M.H., Zhu B. (Corresponding Author), Butterbach-B K., et al. Nitrate leaching, direct and indirect nitrous oxide fluxes from sloping cropland in the purple soil area, southwestern China. Environmental Pollution, 2012, 162: 361-368

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10.Zhou M.H., Zhu B. (Corresponding Author), Bruggemann N, et al. N2O and CH4 Emissions, and NO3- Leaching on a Crop-Yield Basis from a Subtropical Rain-fed Wheat–Maize Rotation in Response to Different Types of Nitrogen Fertilizer. Ecosystems, 2014,17: 286–301.

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14. Hua Keke, Zhu Bo (Corresponding Author), Wang Xiaoguo, Tian Linlin. Forms and fluxes of soil organic carbon transport via overland flow, interflow, and soil erosion. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 2016,80:1011-1019.

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