2016 International Debris-Flow Workshop 2016 International Debris-Flow Workshop

最小化 最大化

Joint workshop

2016 International Debris-Flow Workshop

6thInternational Workshop on Multimodal Sediment Disasters


  1. Organization

(1) Organizers

     ResearchCenter for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters, DPRI, Kyoto University

       Chairman: Prof. Masaharu Fujita

(2) Co-organizer

  Tsukuba University

  Kyoto University

  Ritsumeikan University

  Niigata University

  Kochi University

(3) Supported by



(4) Technical advisor

       Prof. Peng Cui, Prof. Chjeng-Lun. Shieh, Prof. Djoko Legono

       Prof.Shinji Egashira, Prof. Takahisa Mizuyama, Prof. Hajime Nakagawa

(5) Executive committee

       Chairman: Prof. Masaharu Fujita (DPRI, Kyoto University)

       Secretary-general:Dr. Hiroshi Takebayashi (DPRI, Kyoto University)


  Prof. Yoshifumi Satofuka (Editorial board)

  Dr. Shusuke Miyata (Venue, banquet, web site, circular) (DPRI, Kyoto University)

  Dr. Kana Nakatani (Field trip)(Kyoto University)

  Dr. Daizo Tsutsumi (Budget) (DPRI, Kyoto University)

  Prof. Kuniaki Miyamoto (Tsukuba University)

  Prof. Katsuo Sasahara (Kochi University)

  Prof. Satoru Ohishi (Kobe University)

  Dr. Taro Uchida (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management)

  Dr. Norifumi Hotta (Tsukuba University)

(6) Editorial board

        Prof. Yoshifumi Satofuka (in chief)(Ritsumeikan University)

        Dr. Taro Uchida (National Institute for Land and InfrastructureManagement)

        Dr. Daizo Tsutsumi (DPRI, Kyoto University)

        Dr. Hiroshi Takebayashi (DPRI, Kyoto University)

        Dr. Yutaka Gonda (Niigata University)

        Dr. Fumihisa Imaizumi (Shizuoka University)

        Dr. Shusuke Miyata (DPRI, Kyoto University)

        Dr. Kana Nakatani (Kyoto University)Academic committee

2. Venue

Uji Campus, Kyoto University

2oral presentation room, 1 poster presentation room

Banquet: Kihada Restaurantin Uji Campus, Kyoto University 

3. Schedule of workshop

    November 29  Opening ceremony of Joint Workshop

    ANDF Workshop

    November 30  ANDF & MSD Workshop

    Special session on sediment management after large scale sediment disasters

    December 1  MSD workshop

    Special lecture & Closing ceremony of Joint Workshop


    December 2  Field trip 

4. Important date

March 31, 2016  Submission deadline of Abstract (within 200 words)

April 15, 2016   Acceptance letters sent to authors

June 15, 2016   Opening for Extended Abstract Submission (2 or 4 pages)

August 1, 2016  Acceptance Notification for Extended Abstract

Opening of Registration

August 31, 2016Deadline of Registration

October 1, 2016Deadline for revised Extended Abstract submission

November 29   December 2, 2016Workshops and Field trip 

5. Registration and Field trip fee

Registration fee: 10,000 JPY (tentative)*

Field trip fee: 5,000 JPY**

 *Registration fee includes lunch and bunquet.

 ** Field trip fee includes bus transportation and lunch. 

6. Hotel booking

 The attendees are requested to book accommodation. Early booking is strongly recommended due to recent prosperous tourism in Kyoto. Accommodations around JR Kyoto Station is convenient to go to the workshop venue.