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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 作者的常见问题

1.  Q: What's the contact information of the JMS editorial office?

     A: You can contact the editorial staffs via the following three ways.


    Tel: 86-28-85252044


     QQ group: 232951752 (Journal of Mountain Science)


2.  Q :Journal of Mountain Science的中文刊名是什么?


3.  What are the ISSN  and CN of the Journal of Mountain Science?

     A: ISSN 1672-6316; CN 15-1668/P

4.  Q: Is Journal of Mountain Science SCI-indexed journal?

     A: Yes, it is. It's included in Web of Science since 2007. 

5.  Q: What's the most recent impact factor of theJournal of Mountain Science ?

     A: The recently released impact factor in 2021 is 2.071

6.  Q: How can I know whether my manuscript falls in the scope of the JMS?

     A: You can read about JMS at to learn the journal's editorial policy and scope. If you are still not sure about it, please send your abstract to to consult, we'll answer you ASAP. You can consult via QQ too.

7.  Q: How do I submit my manuscript?

     A: All manuscripts to the JMS have to be submitted online at Authors need to register first if it's the first time for you to login the online manuscript system.

8.  Q: Can I recommend reviewers?

     A: Yes, of course. It's required that the author recommend at least 3 reviewers when he submits his manuscript to the online system. But the editor reserves rights to not select the reviewers the authors recommend. Authors should ensure the recommended reviewers are familar to the research contents of your paper, and donot have interest conflict with the authors, and their names and email addresses are correct. If we detect faked reviewers and faked reviewer email addresses are provided intentionally by the authors, the manuscript will be immediately rejected during the processing period. If we detect this after the publication, the published aritcle will be retracted.

9. Q: Can I consult my manuscript status?

    A: We strongly suggest that the authors to enter the manuscript system to check your manuscripts status. If you want to write to consult the status. It is requred to write your manuscript ID number in the email title so that we could reply you timely. If you want to call to consult the status or leave messages to the JMS QQ, it is the same to tell us your manuscript ID number.

9. Q: How long can I have final decision on my manuscript?

      A: The set workflow is within 1 month from the submission to the acceptance. However, the period will vary depending on the following factors: 1) whether the authors have prepared the manuscript according to the Guides to Authors; 2) whether the authors have filled in the required information when submitting; 3) whether the editors have invited peer-reviewers within the set deadline; 4) Whether sufficient numbers of reviewers have accepted the review invitation and submitted the review comments timely.

10. Q: Does the Journal charge publication fee on color images? 

      A: No. We encourage authors to use color images in the manuscripts.

11. Q: Where can I download the fulltext of the Journal of Mountain Science?

      A: at Springerlink and CNKI database.

12.  Q: What's ORCID ?

       A: ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.The Journal of Mountain Science requires every author should provide his/hertheir ORCID numbers from the first issue of 2015.

13. Q: Where can I apply for my ORCID?

      A: Authors can register at or 中国科学家在线 ( (The latter one is for Chinese authors). 

14. Q: Where can I find language polishing institution?

You can contact the listed company or personals in the jms website at