SE:Dr.Dimitrios Dermisis SE:Dr.Dimitrios Dermisis

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SE:Dr.Dimitrios Dermisis


Dept. of Chemical, Civil & Mechanical Engineering,Louisiana.USA



2012, Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, The University of Iowa.  Dissertation on “Developing an improved, shock-capturing watershed model for simulating spatially variable runoff and soil erosion processes at the hillslope scale”. 

2007, M.Sc. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, The University of Iowa

Thesis title: “Sand movement over and within an immobile gravel bed with the presence of distinguishable isolated roughness elements”. 

2004, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Five-year degree, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Work experience

Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Iowa (2004-2012)

•      Field work evaluating the hydraulic performance of fish passage structures in southwestern Iowa.

•      Field work for evaluating the performance of dikes to create shallow water habitat in the Upper Missouri River.

•      Laboratory work investigating the role of clasts on sand movement in gravel bed rivers.

•      Numerical modeling of hydrodynamic and sediment transport processes in rills.

•      Numerical modeling of knickpoint propagation on bridges in Iowa.

•      Numerical modeling for the development of stage-discharge relations for ungaged bridge waterways in western Iowa.

•      Numerical work on coupling upland with in-stream numerical models for improved estimation of runoff and sediment yield at catchment scales.

Assistant Professor, McNeese State University (August 2012- today)

•      Courses: ENGR 202 Dynamics; ENGR 305 Strength of materials; MEEN 316 Strength of materials lab; CIEN 416 Design of reinforced concrete; CIEN 417 Design of steel structures; CIEN 419 Water resources engineering; CIEN 422 Water supply and waste disposal; CIEN/MEEN 435/535 Pipeline design and analysis;

Research Interest

Hydraulics, Water Resources, River Engineering, Watershed Processes, Coastal Engineering

Major Publications

Dermisis, D., and Papanicolaou, A.N. (2009).  Fish passage over hydraulic structures in Midwestern Rivers of the USA,International Journal of River Basin Management, 4, 313-328.

Dermisis, D., Abaci, O., Papanicolaou, A.N., and Wilson, C.G. (2010). Evaluating grassed waterway efficiency in southeastern Iowa using WEPP, Soil Use and Management, 26, 183-192.

Papanicolaou, A.N., Sanford J.T., Dermisis, D., and Mancilla, G.A. (2010). A 1-D morphodynamic model for rill erosion, Water Resources Research, 46, 1-26.

Papanicolaou, A.N., Elhakeem, M., Dermisis, D., and Young, N. (2010). Evaluation of the Missouri river shallow water habitat using a 2d-hydrodynamic model, River. Res. Applic., 27, 157-167.

Papanicolaou, A.N., Dermisis, D., and Elhakeem, M (2011).  Investigating the role of clasts on the movement of sand in gravel bed rivers, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 137(9), 871-883.

Thomas, J.T., Culler,M.E., Dermisis, D., Pierce, C.L., Papanicolaou, A.N., Stewart, T.W., and Larson, C.J. (2011).  Effects of grade control structures on fish passage, biological assemblages, and hydraulic environments in western Iowa streams: a multidisciplinary review, River. Res. Applic,DOI: 10.1002/rra.