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SE: Bicudo da Silva

Ramon Felipe Michigan State University, USA


Ph.D., Environment and Society, State University of Campinas, 2015

Dissertation: "Eucalyptus and Atlantic forest: Analysis of the land use and land cover and their political, biophysical and socioeconomic connections"

Dissertation Advisors: Mateus Batistella (principal dissertation advisor), Emilio F Moran (co-advisor)

M.A., Agronomical Engineering, State University of São Paulo, 2011

Dissertation: "Planning of the land use on a watershed to the conservation of water resources"

Dissertation advisor: Célia Regina Lopes Zimback

M.B.A., Environmental Management, Federal University of São Carlos, 2008

Dissertation: "Lavapés Expedition to bring back water quality: An experience with mobilization towards environmental action"

Dissertation advisor: Bernardo Arantes do Nascimento Teixeira

B.A., Biology, State University of São Paulo, 2005

Dissertation: "An Experience of Social Inquiry in Low Amazon"

Dissertation advisor: Jandira Liria Talamoni Biscalquini

Work experience


Position: Postdoctoral fellow and lecture

Project "Food Security and Land Use: The Telecoupling Challenge". From 2016 to present.

Course under responsibility: "Advanced Topics in Environment and Society"


Position: Internship

Alberta Sustainable Resources Development (ASRD), Alberta province, and the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF), Ontario province, Canada. January and February 2009.


Position: Specialist in Environmental Education

Development of the plan for curbside collection of recyclable materials in the city of Botucatu, Brazil. From July to December 2008.


Position: Specialist in Environmental Management

Development of the Lavapés watershed conservation program aimed to foster good practices of management and environmental education. From April 2007 to May 2008.                                       


Position: Consulting Manager

Management of business and educational activities of a traveling exhibit aimed to promote water conservation in Brazil "Water for Life, Water for All." From January to December 2006.

Research Interests

Landscape ecology, environmental sciences, human dimensions of environmental change, land use science, interdisciplinary studies

Major Publications:

Eco-certification protocols as mechanisms to foster sustainable environmental practices in telecoupled systems. Forest Policy and Economics, in press. 2019. Ramon F. Bicudo da Silva, Batistella, Mateus; Hoffmann, Roberto P.; Dou, Y.; Millington, James D A.

Telecoupling Research: The First Five Years.Sustainability,v. 11, p.1033. 2019. Kapsar, Kelly; Hovis, Ciara; Ramon F. Bicudo da Silva; Buchholtz, Erin; Carlson, Andrew; Dou, Yue; Du, Yueyue; Furumo, Paul; Li, Yingjie; Torres, Aurora; Yang, Di; Wan, Ho; Zaehringer, Julie; Liu, Jianguo.

Spillover Effect Offsets the Conservation Effort in the Amazon. Journal of Geographical Sciences, v. 28, p.1715-1732. 2018. Dou, Y.; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Yang, H.; Liu J.

Mapping Croplands, Cropping Patterns, and Crop Types Using Modis Time-Series Data. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. v. 69, p. 133-147. 2018. Chen, Yaoliang; Lu, Dengsheng; Moran, Emilio; Batistella, Mateus; Dutra, Luciano Vieira; Sanches, Ieda DelArco; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Huang, Jingfeng; Luiz, Alfredo José Barreto; De Oliveira, Maria Antonia Falcão.

Spillover Systems in a Telecoupled Anthropocene: Typology, Methods, And Governance For Global Sustainability. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, v. 33, p.58-69. 2018. Liu, Jianguo; Dou, Yu; Batistella, Mateus; Challies, Edward; Connor, Thomas; Friis, Cecilie; Millington, James D A; Parish, Esther; Romulo, Chelsie L; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Triezenberg, Heather; Yang, Hongbo; Zhao, Zhiqiang; Zimmerer, Karl S; Huettmann, Falk; Treglia, Michael L; Basher, Zeenatul; Chung, Min Gon; Herzberger, Anna; Lenschow, Andrea; Mechiche-Alami, Altaaf; Newig, Jens; Roche, James; Sun, Jing. 

Regional Socioeconomic Changes Affecting Rural Area Livelihoods and Atlantic Forest Transitions. LAND, v. 7, p. 125. 2018. Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Batistella, Mateus; Moran, Emilio F.

Toward Rigorous Telecoupling Causal Attribution: A Systematic Review and Typology. Sustainability, v. 10, p.4426. 2018. Carlson, Andrew; Zaehringer, Julie; Garrett, Rachael; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Furumo, Paul; Raya Rey, Andrea; Torres, Aurora; Gon Chung, Min; Li, Yingjie; Liu, Jianguo.

Socioeconomic Changes and Environmental Policies as Dimensions of Regional Land Transitions in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil. Environmental Science and Policy, v. 74, p.14-22. 2017. Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Batistella, Mateus; Moran, Emilio Federico.

Property Rights and the Soybean Revolution: Shaping how China and Brazil are Telecoupled. Sustainability, v. 9, p.954. 2017. Torres, Sara; Moran, Emilio; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva.

Perspectives for Environmental Conservation and Ecosystem Services on Coupled Rural-Urban Systems. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation, v. 1, p. 8. 2017. Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Rodrigues, Marjorie Delgado Alves; Vieira, Simone Aparecida; Batistella, Mateus; Farinaci, Juliana.

The Sino-Brazilian Telecoupled Soybean System and Cascading Effects for the Exporting Country. LAND, v. 6, p.53. 2017. Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Batistella, Mateus; Dou, Yue; Moran, Emilio; Torres, Sara; Liu, Jianguo.

Soy Expansion and Socioeconomic Development in Municipalities of Brazil. LAND, v. 6, p.62. 2017. Martinelli, Luiz; Batistella, Mateus; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Moran, Emilio.

Land Changes Fostering Atlantic Forest Transition in Brazil: Evidence from the Paraíba Valley. Professional Geographer, v. 69, p.1-14. 2016. Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Batistella, Mateus; Moran, Emilio Federico; Lu, Dengsheng.

Carbon Sequestration Associated to the Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in the Forestry Sector in Southern Brazil. Proceedings of Spie, The International Society For Optical Engineering, v. 9998, p.99981T-1. 2016. Ronquim, Carlos Cesar; Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Figueiredo, E. B.; Bordonal, R. O.; Teixeira, A. H.; Cocharski, T. C. D.; Leivas, J. F. 

Drivers of Land Change: Human-Environment Interactions and the Atlantic Forest Transition in the Paraíba Valley, Brazil. Land Use Policy, v. 58, p.133-144. 2016. Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva; Batistella, Mateus; Moran, Emilio F. 


Research Studies Abroad Fellowship, São Paulo Research Foundation, 2018

Received the fellowship to develop four months of studies at King's College London under the supervision of Dr. James  Millington of the Dept. of Geography.

NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Awards, National Aeronautics and Space Administration & Michigan State University, 2017

Postdoc Fellowship, São Paulo Research Foundation, 2016 - 2020

Received the fellowship to work at the Center for Environmental Studies and Research of the State University of Campinas, Brazil, in the international project "Food Security and Land Use: The Telecoupling Challenge" - resulted from a joint proposal under the Belmont Forum call on food security and land use.

Research Studies Abroad Fellowship, São Paulo Research Foundation, 2013 - 2014

Received the fellowship to develop seven months of studies at the Center for Environmental Change and Earth Observations of the Michigan State University under the supervision of Prof. Emilio F. Moran.

NFP/TP Fellowship, Netherlands Fellowships Programme, 2012

Received the fellowship to attend the international course "Agriculture in Transition: Innovative approaches to sustainable farming" provided by the Wageningen UR Center for Development Innovation.

Planet Under Pressure Travel Grant, Regional Office of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, 2012

Doctoral Fellowship, São Paulo Research Foundation, 2012 - 2015