SE: Bai Junhong SE: Bai Junhong

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SE: Bai Junhong

Beijing Normal University, China                                



2003: Ph D from Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, CAS

1998: Bachelor degree from Hebei Normal University

Work experience

2005-present: School of Environment, Beijing Normal University

2012-2013: Department of Soil and Water Science, University of Florida

2003-2005: Institute of Geographical Science and Natural Resources Research, CAS

Research Interests

Wetland soil Ecology, Greenhouse gases emissions, Soil organic matter, Biogeochemical processes of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, Heavy metal pollution, Soil microbial ecology, Wetland landscape, Soil quality assessment etc.

Major Publications:

More than 130 articles have been published in academic Journals indexed by SCI. Twenty selected articles were listed as follows.

1.      Huang Laibin, Bai Junhong*,Wen Xiaojun, Zhang Guangliang,Zhang Chengdong, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Microbial resistance and resilience in response to environmental changes under the higher intensity of human activities than global average level. Global Change Biology, 2020(Accepted)

2.      Bai Junhong*, Yu Lu, Ye Xiaofei, Yu Zibo, Wang Dawei, GuanYanan, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Dynamics of phosphorus fractions in surface soils of different flooding wetlands before and after flow-sediment regulation in the Yellow River Estuary, China. Journal of Hydrology. 2020, 580, 124256

3.      Yin Shuo, Bai Junhong*, Wang Wei, Zhang Guangliang, Jia Jia, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Effects of soil moisture on carbon mineralization in floodplain wetlands with different flooding frequencies. Journal of Hydrology. 2019,574:1074-1084

4.      Bai Junhong, Yu Zibo, Yu Lu, Wang Dawei, Guan Yanan, Liu Xinhui, Gu Chuanhui, Cui Baoshan. In-situ organic phosphorus mineralization in sediments in coastal wetlands with different flooding periods in the Yellow River Delta, China. Science of the Total Environment. 2019, 682: 417-425

5.      Jia Jia, Bai Junhong*, Gao Haifeng, Wang Wei, Yin Shuo, Wang Dawei, Hanling. Effects of salinity and moisture on sediment net nitrogen mineralization in salt marshes of a Chinese estuary. Chemosphere. 2019, 228:174-182

6.      Ma Tiantian, Li Xiaowen*, Bai Junhong*, Cui Baoshan. Tracking three decades of land use and land cover transformation trajectories in China's large river deltas. Land Degradation & Development. 2019;30:799–810.

7.      Li Mingzhu, He Yuning, Sun Jing, Li Jing, Bai Junhong, Zhang Chengdong. Chronic Exposure to an Environmentally Relevant Triclosan Concentration Induces Persistent Triclosan Resistance but Reversible Antibiotic Tolerance in Escherichia coli. Environmental Science & Technology. 2019,53,6: 3277-3286

8.      Zhang Guangliang, Bai Junhong*, Jia Jia, Wang Wei, Wang Xin, Zhao Qingqing, Lu Qiongqiong. Shifts of soil microbial community composition along a short-term invasion chronosequence of Spartina alterniflora in a Chinese estuary. Science of the Total Environment. 2019, 657:222-233

9.      Wang Dawei, Bai Junhong *, Wang Wei, Zhang Guangliang, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui, Li Xiaowen. Comprehensive assessment of soil quality for different wetlands in a Chinese delta. Land Degradation & Development. 2018, 29:3783-3794.

10.   Zhao Qingqing, Bai Junhong*, Zhang Guangliang, Jia Jia, Wang Wei, Wang Xin. Effects of water and salinity regulation measures on soil carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands of the Yellow River Delta. Geoderma. 2018,319:219-229

11.   ang Bo, Wang Man, Wang Junfeng, Song Xinshan, Wang Yuhui, Xu Hui, Bai Junhong. Mechanism of high contaminant removal performance in the expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB) reactor involved with granular activated carbon for low-strength wastewater treatment. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2018, 334:1176-1185

12.   Bai Junhong, Ye Xiaofei, Jia Jia, Zhang Guangliang, Zhao Qingqing, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Phosphorus sorption-desorption and effects of temperature, pH and salinity on phosphorus sorption in marsh soils from coastal wetlands with different flooding conditions. Chemosphere 2017, 2017(188):677-688

13.   Zhang Guangliang, Bai Junhong*, Xiao Rong, Zhao Qingqing, Jiajia, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Heavy metal fractions and ecological risk assessment in sediments from urban, rural and reclamation-affected rivers of the Pearl River Estuary, China. Chemosphere, 2017, 184:278-288

14.   Bai Junhong, Jia Jia, Huang Chen, Wang Qinggai, Wang Wei, Zhang Guangliang, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Selective uptake of nitrogen by Suaeda salsa under drought and salt stresses and nitrogen fertilization using 15N. Ecological Engineering, 2017,102, 542–545

15.   Wang Wei, Bai Junhong*, Zhang Guangliang, Wang Xin, Jia Jia, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Depth-distribution, possible sources, and toxic risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in different river sediment cores affected by urbanization and reclamation in a Chinese delta. Environmental Pollution. 2017, 230:1062-1072.

16.   Wang Junfeng, Wang Yuhui, Bai Junhong, Liu Zhao Wei, Song Xinshan, Yan Dengming, Abiyu Asaminew, Zhao Zhimiao, Yan Denghua.  High efficiency of inorganic nitrogen removal by integrating biofilm-electrode with constructed wetland: Autotrophic denitrifying bacteria analysis Bioresource Technology.2017,227:7-14\

17.   Bai Junhong, Jia Jia, Zhang Guangliang, Zhao Qingqing, Lu Qiongqiong, Cui Baoshan, Liu Xinhui. Spatial and temporal dynamics of heavy metal pollution and source identification in sediment cores from the short-term flooding riparian wetlands in a Chinese delta. Environmental Pollution. 2016,219,379-388

18.   Xiao Rong, Bai Junhong*, Lu Qiongqiong, Zhao Qingqing, Gao Zhaoqin, Wen Xiaojun, Liu Xinhui. Fractionation, transfer, and ecological risks of heavy metals in riparian and ditch wetlands across a 100-year chronosequence of reclamation in an estuary of China. Science of the Total Environment, 2015, 517:66-75

19.   Bai Junhong, Zhao Qingqing, Lu Qiongqiong, Wang Junjing, K.R. Reddy, Effects of freshwater input on trace element pollution in salt marsh soils of a typical coastal estuary, China. Journal of Hydrology, 2015, 520:186-192

20.   Bai Junhong, Huang Laibin, Gao Zhaoqin, Lu Qiongqiong, Wang Junjing, Zhao Qingqing. Soil seed banks and their germination responses to cadmium and salinity stresses in coastal wetlands affected by reclamation and urbanization based on indoor and outdoor experiments. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2014,280:295-303


2008 The Second Prize for scientific and technological progress, Ministry of Education of P.R.China

2011 The 8th Tibet Plateau Prize for the Youth in Science and Technology

2012 The First Prize for scientific and technological progress, Ministry of Education of P.R.China

2013 The Prize for the Youth in Science and Technology, Society of Natural Resources of China

2014 The First Prize of the 12nd LiYun Excellent Teachers.

2015 The Dayu Grand Prize in Hydraulic Science and Technology, Ministry of Water Resources of P.R.China

2016 The First Prize for Physical Sciences, Jilin Province of P.R.China

2016 Youth Changjiang Scholar, Ministry of Education of P.R.China

2017 The Second Prize for Physical Sciences, Ministry of Education of P.R.China

2018 The Second Prize for Physical Sciences, Ministry of Education of P.R.China

2019 The Second Prize for Liangxi Science and Technology, National Forestry and Grassland Administration

2019 "Ten thousand plan" - National high level talents special support plan. 

Social Service

2016-2019: Co-Editor-in-Chief of Geoderma

2014-present: Associate Editor of Wetlands

2019-present: Editorial board of Lake Sciences (in Chinese)

2017-2020:Vice Dean of Wetland ecology Committee, China Society of Ecology