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Member: Alexey Gunya


Institute of Geography,Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia



2005: Postdoctoral qualification (Habilitation) at the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

1990: PhD at the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University of Lomonossov

1987: Diploma at the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University of Lomonossov

Work experience

Since 1991 – Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences

Research Interests

My research lies at the intersection of comparative geography and sustainable development of mountain regions. Topics that interest me: interaction between environmental and security, regional development trends, quantitative and qualitative approaches to problems of conflict, governance and development, mountain landscape structure, landscape dynamics, dynamic of land use. I have regional expertise in the Caucasus, Altai and Central Asia.

Major Publications

Gunya Alexey (co-authorship with Romina Rodela, Catherine May Tucker, Mateja Šmid-Hribar, Maurizia Sigura, Nevenka Bogataj, Mimi Urbanc). Intersections of ecosystem services and common-pool resources literature: An interdisciplinary encounter. Environmental Science and Policy 94 (2019) 72–81. doi:

Alexey Gunya. Land Reforms in Post-Socialist Mountain Regions and their Impact on Land Use Management: a Case Study from the Caucasus, Journal of Alpine Research | Revue de géographie alpine [En ligne], 105-1 | 2017, mis en ligne le 07 mars 2017, consultéle 06 avril 2017. URL :

oehler Jan, Alexey Gunya, Timur Tenov. Governing the Local in the North Caucasus. Eurasian Geography and Economics. 2017. Vol. 58, No 5. Pages: 502-532 DOI: 10.1080/15387216.2017.1410440.

Gayrabekov U.T., Gunya A.N., Bachaeva T.Kh. Physic-Geographic Factors of Oil Development in the Chechen Republic. American Journal of Environmental Sciences. 2014, 10 (6). P. 575-580. DOI: 10.3844/ajessp.2014.575.580.


2013 Gunya Alexey. Institutional restructuring of geographical space: the impact of land privatization on the mountain landscapes of the North Caucasus. Palmarium Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken. In Russian.

2010 Landscape foundations of analyses of natural and natural-anthropogenic changes of high-mountain territories. Nalchik, KBSC RAS, 2010. 170 pp. In Russian.

2008 Empirical Investigations of Local Conflicts. Introduction to Methodology and Methods of    Field Work. Moscow, Media-Press. 2008. Co-authors: Koehler Jan, Zürcher Christoph. In Russian.

2007 Cross-border cooperation at local level in the Alps, the Caucasus and the mountains of     Central Asia. Berlin, BMU, 2007. In English, German and Russian.

2004 Trend Change and Development of a Mountain Region: Methodology, Geographical Analysis and Management Abilities. Nalchik; KBSC RAS. 2004. 224 pp. In Russian.

2002 Opportunities for transnational and cross-border co-operation in the Caucasus - a contribution to the international year of the mountains 2002. Berlin, Bundesministerium für Umwelt,     Naturschutz und Reaktionsicherheit, 2002. 58 pp. Co-author Th. Bausch. In English, German and Russian.

2002 Yagnob Valley – nature, history, and chances of a mountain community development in   Tajikistan. Moscow, KMK Scientific Press Ltd. 2002. 108 pp. In English.

Social Service

Leader of the research group MAB-6 (Mountains) at the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

Vice chairman of the Mountain Commission of the International Geographical Union

Member of Scientific Leadership Council of Mountain Research Initiative (MRI, Bern)

Member of Russian Geographical Society

Member of International Political Science Association

Deputy Chief Editor of the magazine "Sustainable development of mountain territories", Vladikavkaz, Russia