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Alessandro PASUTO


National Research Council – Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI)


1984: Master of Science in Earth Sciences at University of Padova

Work Experience

2013 member of the Organizing Committee, Executive Committee, e Advisory Committee of the International Conference “Vajont 2013”.

2013 – 2014  P.I. of CNR unit in EU Project INCREO (Increasing Resilience through Earth Observation)

2011 – 2015  P.I. of CNR Unit in EU Project CHANGES (Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks
as Analyzed by a New Generation of European Scientists).

2010-present  Member of the Governing Council of the National Park of Belluno Dolomites.

2009    Project evaluators for Czech Ministry of Education.

2009    Scientific responsible of the CNR-IRPI research unit in the Execellence Project “SMILAND: Innovative integrated Systems for Monitoring and assessment of high risk landslides” funded by CARIPARO Foundation.

Since 2009  Member of the evaluator panel of French National Research Agency (ANR).

Since 2009  Responsible of the Padova Branch of CNR-IRPI.

2008 - 2009  Project evaluators for Austrian Academy of Sciences.

2007 - 2010  Scientific responsible of the CNR-IRPI research unit within the Marie Curie Project "Mountain Risks: from prediction to management and governance" (Contract n. 35798).

2006 – 2009  Scientific responsible of the CNR-IRPI research unit in the Excellence Project Movemit “Studio e modellazione di movimenti di versante finalizzati alla formulazione di interventi di mitigazione” funded by Cariverona Foundation.

2006    Founder member of TellNet, International Network on Transfer Live-Lessons from Disaster (

2005 – 2009  Scientific responsible of the National Project “Landslides and other mass movements” of National Research Council.

2005    Member of Italian Official Delegation at UN Conference on Disaster Reduction, Kobe, Japan.

2004    Chairperson of the session “Site investigation, test and monitoring in engineering geology” at 32nd International Geological Conference, Firenze.

2003 - 2007  Scientific responsible of the geological surveys for the thematic sheet, 028 M. Marmolada, “geological hazard”.

2003    Promoter and scientific responsible of GRJL, Geo-Risk Joint Lab an Italy-Japan Laboratory on Hydrogeological Risks.

2002 - 2004P.I. of the Italy Japan bilateral projects on geological risks funded by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2001–2004  Project Manager on EU funded Project ALARM, “Assessment of Landslide Risk and Mitigation in Mountain Areas”.

2001    Research Award for Foreign Specialists at Public Works Research Institute, (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), Japan.

1999 - 2012  Scientific responsible of the CNR-MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), Italy-Japan bilateral cooperation on geological risks.

1998 - 2000  Member of Scientific Committee of Research Institute on Clays (now IMAA) of Potenza.

1997 - 2005  Involved in the Italian Ministry of Research and Education projects “Risposta dei processi geomorfologici alle variazioni ambientali” (Coordinatore prof. A. Biancotti, Università di Torino); “I movimenti franosi come indicatori di variazioni climatiche dal Tardiglaciale ad oggi” (Coordinatore prof. M. Panizza, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia); “Evoluzione geomorfologica dei versanti e cambiamenti climatici: analisi di fenomeni franosi e ricostruzioni paleoclimatiche” (Coordinatore prof. M. Soldati, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia); “Monitoraggio da terra di fenomeni di instabilità geologica ad alto rischio e di grandi opere strutturali: integrazione di sistemi di telerilevamento a microonde ed ottici” (Coordinatore prof. A. Dal Prà, Università di Padova).

1991 - 2005  Scientific responsible of the O.U. 2.7 of the “Gruppo Nazionale per la Difesa dalle Catastrofi Idrogeologiche”.

1990 - 2008  Actively involved in EU funded research Projects: EPOCH "Temporal Occurrence and Forecasting of Landslides in the European Communities"; TESLEC " The Temporal Stability and Activity of Landslides in Europe with Respect to Climatic Changes"; NEWTECH "New Technologies for Landslide Hazard Assessment and Management in Europe"; RUNOUT "Major Risk From Rapid, Large-Volume Landslides in Europe: The Design and Testing of New Techniques for Hazard Assessment and Mitigation"; OASYS, “Integrated Optimization of Landslides Alert Systems”; PREVIEW, “Prevention, Information and Early Warning”

Since 1990  Consultant of the National Department of Civil Defence during emergencies related to hydrogeological disasters.

1987    Member of the Technical Group supporting the activities of the Technical Commission for the hydrogeological emergency in Valtellina, July 1987. 

Since 1986  Researcher at Institute of Applied Geology (now IRPI, research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection) of the Italian National Research Council.

Research Interests

Geomorphological hazard mapping

Landslides and debris flows

Hazard and risk assessment and management

Innovative techniques for landslide and debris flow monitoring and early warning systems

Major Publications

Devoto, S., Forte, E., Mantovani, M., Mocnik, A., Pasuto, A., Piacentini, D., Soldati, M., (2013). Integrated monitoring of lateral spreading phenomena along the north-west coast of the Island of Malta. In : Margottini et al. (eds.), Landslide Science and Practice, Vol. 2. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 235-241.

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