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Guides to Reviewers


Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) takes SINGLE-BLINDED PEER-REVIEW policy, and uses the ScholarOne Manuscript system for MS managing and handling.

As a reviewer, you will be notified by an invitation email to review a manuscript.

The e-mail comes embedded with hyperlink invitation responses (Shown below). You can select the appropriate hyperlink to send the response to the journal. 

We have prepared a guide (ppt, pdf) to the reviewers who are not familiar to the ScholarOne

Manuscript system. You can download them at (Guide to Reviewers).

If you are not available for this invitation, you can recommend alternative reviewers for this manuscript. 

The review period is three weeks (21 days). During the review process, the system will send three reminding emails to you.

If you cannot complete the review within the required deadline, the administrator will extend the deadline for you after we receive your request. 

JMS is a member of COPE. We call for reviewers to abide by the Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (provided by COPE).

As a return to peer-reviewers' contribution, we'll acknowledge all reviewers in the print version of the last issue each year and in the Reviewer List of the JMS website, and we'll send each reviewer a copy of digital journal of the current year. Every year we'll supplement editorial board members and scientific editors from the reviewers. Reviewer certificate can be provided under the reviewer's request. 

Guide to Reviewers  PPT

Guide to Reviewers  PDF