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最小化 最大化

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最小化 最大化

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最小化 最大化

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最小化 最大化

Journal of Mountain Science (Monthly, Started in 2004)                   Back Issue

Volume 14 Number 12 December 2017


Mountain Environment

2373-2390 Gheorghe ROMANESCU, Chalov SERGEY, Cristian Constantin STOLERIU, Alin Mihu-PINTILIE, Silvia Eleonora ANGILERI, Yulia KUZNETSOVA, Mariaelena CAMA, Michael MAERKER

Geomorphologic map of the 1st Mutnaya River, Southeastern Kamchatka, Russia

Abstract                         CNKI                             SpringerLink

2391-2405 BOJKO Oskar, KABALA Cezary, MENDYK Łukasz, MARKIEWICZ Maciej, PAGACZ-KOSTRZEWA Magdalena, GLINA Bartłomiej

Labile and stabile soil organic carbon fractions in surface horizons of mountain soils – relationships with vegetation and altitude

Abstract                                              CNKI                                             SpringerLink

2406-2419 CAO Wei, SHENG Yu, WU Ji-chun, LI Jing

Spatial variability and its main controlling factors of the permafrost soil-moisture on the northern-slope of Bayan Har Mountains in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Abstract                                                  CNKI                                            SpringerLink

2420-2431 XIAO Yi, TANG Jia-liang, WANG Ming-kuang, ZHAI Long-bo, ZHANG Xi-feng

Impacts of soil properties on phosphorus adsorption and fractions in purple soils

Abstract                                                  CNKI                                            SpringerLink

2432-2447 DAS Pulakesh, BEHERA Mukunda Dev, MURTHY Manchiraju Sri Ramachandra

Forest fragmentation and human population varies logarithmically along elevation gradient in Hindu Kush Himalaya - utility of geospatial tools and free data set

Abstract                                                  CNKI                                             SpringerLink


Mycobiota of the disused ore mine of Marcinków in Śnieżnik Masiff (western Poland)

Abstract                                                 CNKI                                              SpringerLink

2458-2570 GAO Tan-guang, KANG Shi-chang, ZHANG Ting-jun, YANG Da-qing, SHANG Jian-guo, QIN Xiang

Stream temperature dynamics in Nam Co basin, southern Tibetan Plateau

Abstract                                                 CNKI                                               SpringerLink

2471-2483 YANG Yong, CHEN Ren-sheng, SONG Yao-xuan, LIU Jun-feng, HAN Chun-tan, LIU Zhang-wen

New methods for calculating bare soil land surface temperature over mountainous terrain

Abstract                                                 CNKI                                               SpringerLink

2484-2497 ZHAO Ji-xia, DAI Fu-qiang, HE Shou-jia, ZHANG Qing, LIU Gang-cai

Spatiotemporal variation of soil organic carbon in the cultivated soil layer of dry land in the South-Western Yunnan Plateau, China

Abstract                                                 CNKI                                               SpringerLink

Mountain Hazards

2498-2510 CAVALLI Marco, CREMA Stefano, TREVISANI Sebastiano, MARCHI Lorenzo

GIS tools for preliminary debris-flow assessment at regional scale

Abstract                                                   CNKI                                              SpringerLink

2511-2526ALANÍS-ANAYA Rocío Marisol, LEGORRETA-PAULÍN Gabriel, MASJean François, GRANADOS-RAMÍREZ Guadalupe Rebeca

Susceptibility to gravitational processes due to land cover change in the Río Chiquito-Barranca del Muerto subbasin (Pico De Orizaba Volcano, México)

Abstract                                                    CNKI                                              SpringerLink

Mountain Development

2527-2539 Yunseon CHOE, Michael A. SCHUETT, Kyu-Won SIM

An analysis of first-time and repeat visitors to Korean national parks from 2007 and 2013

Abstract                                                     CNKI                                             SpringerLink

2540-2554 ZHANG Bai-lin, JIANG Guang-hui, CAI Wei-min, SUN Pi-ling, ZHANG Feng-rong

Productive functional evolution of rural settlements: analysis of livelihood strategy and land use transition in eastern China

Abstract                                                      CNKI                                             SpringerLink

2555-2567 ZHANG Yu-ling, ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Hong-ou, ZHANG Ruo-yang, WANG Yang, GUO Yong-rui, WEI Zong-cai

Residents' environmental conservation behaviour in the mountain tourism destinations in China: Case studies of Jiuzhaigou and Mount Qingcheng

Abstract                                                       CNKI                                            SpringerLink

2568-2580 LIU Ju, FU Bin, WANG Yu-kuan, LU Ya-feng, XU Pei

Agricultural opportunity costs assessment based on planting suitability: a case study in a mountain county in southwest China

Abstract                                                        CNKI                                            SpringerLink

Geological Engineering

2581-2588 MENG Lu-bo, LITian-bin, CAIGuo-jun

Temperature effects on the mechanical properties of slates in triaxial compression test

Abstract                                                        CNKI                                            SpringerLink

2589-2602 CHEN Tie-lin, ZHOU Cheng, LIU En-long, DAI Feng, LIU Jiao

Analysis on velocity distribution and displacement along the profile of a slope using both empirical and analytical methods

Abstract                                                         CNKI                                           SpringerLink

2603-2619 LEI Xiao-qin, YANG Zong-ji, HE Si-ming, LIU En-long, WONG Henry, LI Xin-po

Hydro-mechanical analysis of rainfall-induced fines migration process within unsaturated soils

Abstract                                                         CNKI                                           SpringerLink

2620-2630 CHEN Shi-hai, HU Shuai-wei, ZHANG Zi-hua, WU Jian

Propagation characteristics of vibration waves induced in surrounding rock by tunneling blasting

Abstract                                                          CNKI                                          SpringerLink

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2631-2652 Acknowledgement to the Reviewers in 2017

2653-2666 General Table of Contents (Vol. 14, 2017)

2667-2684 Author Index (Vol. 14, 2017)


Cover Photo taken by Gheorghe ROMANESCU

Serial parameters: CN51-1668/X*2004*M*A4*312*en*P*120*19*2017-12




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