Surface Macrofabric of Boulder Dominated Desert Mountain Slopes, California, USA
FRIEND Donald A.
2005, 2(3): 181-192.
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Ice-wedge Casts Showing Climatic Change Since the Late Pleistocene in the Source Area of the Yellow River, Northeast Tibet
CHENG Jie, ZHANG Xujiao, TIAN Mingzhong, YU Wenyang, YU Jiangkuan, TANG Dexiang, YUE Jianwei
2005, 2(3): 193-201.
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Natural Hazard Prevention and the Mountain Land Risk Reduction in the Western Carpathians
Maas Peter, Ondrášik Rudolf, Jansky Libor
2005, 2(3): 202-210.
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Geomechanics of Hazardous Landslides
2005, 2(3): 211-217.
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Changing Rainfall and its Impact on Landslides in Sri Lanka
Ratnayake Uditha, Herath Srikantha
2005, 2(3): 218-224.
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Assessment of Seasonal Sedimentation in Rain-fed Irrigation Reservoirs by a Hillslope Erosion Modeling Approach
Weerakoon S. B.
2005, 2(3): 225-232.
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Abkhandari (Aquifer Management): a Green Path to the Sustainable Development of Marginal Drylands
Ahang Kowsar Sayyed
2005, 2(3): 233-243.
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Comprehensive Evaluation on Agricultural Environment in Western China
TU Jianjun, DENG Yulin
2005, 2(3): 244-254.
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Current Vegetation Pattern along Glacial Landscape in Central (Garhwal) Himalaya, India
Gaur Uday N., Raturi G. P., Bhatt A. B.
2005, 2(3): 255-264.
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Review of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Based Research on China Loess Plateau
Tang Guo'an, Ge Shanshan, Li Fayuan, Zhou Jieyu
2005, 2(3): 265-270.
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