The Pleistocene Glaciation in the Karakoram-Mountains: Reconstruction of Past Glacier Extensions and Ice Thicknesses
Matthias Kuhle
2004, 1(1): 3-17.
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Digital Spectra and Analysis of Altitudinal Belts in Tianshan Mountains, China
ZHANG Baiping, MO Shenguo, WU Hongzhi, XIAO Fei
2004, 1(1): 18-28.
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Succession Features and Dynamic Simulation of Subalpine Forest in the Gongga Mountain, China
CHENG Genwei, LUO Ji
2004, 1(1): 29-37.
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Revisiting Sustainable Development of Dry Valleys in Hengduan Mountains Region
TANG Ya, XIE Jiasui, SUN Hui
2004, 1(1): 38-45.
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Soil Erosion under Different Land Use Types and Zones of Jinsha River Basin in Yunnan Province, China
YANG Zisheng, LIANG Luohui
2004, 1(1): 46-56.
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Green Tourism in Mountain Regions - Reducing Vulnerability and Promoting People and Place Centric Development in the Himalayas
Singh R. B., Mishra D. K.
2004, 1(1): 57-64.
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Sandy Desertification Status and its Driving Mechanism in North Tibet Plateau
DONG Yuxiang
2004, 1(1): 65-73.
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Development-Conservation Dilemma in the Nilgiri Mountains of South India
VENUGOPAL Dharmalingam
2004, 1(1): 74-80.
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Effect of Integrated Use of Inorganic Fertilizer and Organic Manures on Bacterial Wilt Incidence (BWI) and Tuber Yield in Potato Production Systems on Hill Slopes of Central Kenya
Linus M. M. Muriithi, Irungu J. W.
2004, 1(1): 81-88.
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Spatial Disparity of Slope Farmland and Food Security in Three Gorges Area
WANG Liming, FENG Renguo, YANG Yanfeng, GUAN Qingfeng
2004, 1(1): 89-95.
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