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   Member: Prof. CHEN Xi


 XinJiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, China



1985: Bachelor of Science in Hydrology from the Xinjiang University, China 

1988: Master of Science in Physical Geography from the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, China

 2003: Ph D in Hydrology and Water Resources from the Wuhan University, China

Work Experience

1988-: Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, China

Research Interests

 Hydrology; Remote sensing and geographical information system

 Specific areas where he can assist in reviewing or editing manuscripts

 Hydrological process; Ecohydrology; Application of Remote sensing method; Application of GIS method

Major Publications

Huang Y, Chen X (2010) Integrated modeling system for water resources management of Tarim River Basin. Environmental Engineering Science 27:255-269

Huang Y, Chen X,Bao AM, Wang L (2007) Investigation of Groundwater response to overland flow and topography using a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11modeling. Journal of Hydrology 347(3-4):448-459

Xu WQ, Chen X, Luo GP (2011) Soil properties at the tree limits of the coniferous forest in response to varying environmental conditions in the Tianshan Mountains, Northwest China. Environmental Earth Sciences 63(4):741-750

Bai J, Chen X, Li JL, Yang L(2010) Changes in the area of inland lakes in arid regions of central Asia during the past 30 years. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 178(1-4):247-256. DOI: 10.1007/s10661-010-1686-y

Li Q, Chen X, Veroustraete F (2010) Validation of soil moisture retrieval in arid and semi-arid areas; Advances in Water Science 21(2):201-207

Zhao J, Chen X (2009) A method for choice of optimum scale on land use monitoring in Tarim River Basin. Journal of Geographical Sciences 19 (3): 340-350

Huang Y, Chen X (2009) Daily flow modeling in arid ungauged basin. Advances in Water Science 20:332-336

Feng XW, Chen X, Willems P (2009) Multi-source remote sensing supported large scale fully distributed hydrological modelling of the Tarim river basin in Central Asia. In: Zhang Xianfeng, Li Jonathan, Liu Guoxiang et al. (eds.) Second International Conference on Earth Observation for Global Changes (EOGC 2009): Remote Sensing of Earth Surface Changes. Proceedings of the SPIE 7471:74711Z-74711Z-11.  DOI: 10.1117/12.847909

Chen X, Yan JF, Chen Z, Luo GP (2009) A spatial geostatistical analysis of impact of land use development on groundwater resources in the Sangong Oasis Region using remote sensing imagery and data; Journal of Arid Land 1(1):1-8

Chang C, Chen Xi, Bao AM (2009) An index of vegetation water content invasion by Landsat 5, in semi-arid area: The Tarim River Basin. Proceedings of ESIAT 2: 438-442

Wang JL, Chen X, Zhou KF (2009) Application of spatial data mining in accident analysis system. Proceeding of ETT and GRS 1:472-475